At 911 Mobile Solutions, our sole purpose is to offer technologies that give our first responders the chance to go home to their families and loved ones after they’ve served their communities, and our great country.  We are proud to offer our financial support to the following organizations that share similar missions!



Their MISSION:  To honor and remember America’s fallen fire heroes, to provide resources to assist their survivors in rebuilding their lives, and work within the Fire Service community to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries.



Their MISSION:  To build STRONG, STABLE, and SECURE military FAMILIES so they can thrive in the communities they’ve worked so hard to protect!  Every day, across America, the OH family consisting of dedicated employees, passionate volunteers and caring corporate/individual donors and partner organizations, provides valued programs designed to build strong, stable, and secure military families as we seek to honor their patriotism, service, and sacrifice to our country.



Each year, between 140 and 160 police officers are killed in the line of duty, and their families and co-workers are left to cope with the tragic loss.  C.O.P.S. provides resources and programs to help them rebuild their shattered lives.


911 Mobile Solutions believes wholeheartedly in the respective missions of these fantastic organizations!  As a gesture of our commitment to those who bravely protect us every day, we are proud to pledge 5% of our eFirstViewConnect Web Portal revenues to help support their noble initiatives.  Please click here to learn more about eFirstViewConnect, or contact us for more details.

Thanks for your support!  Please check back periodically to find out how much each organization has received in donations to date!