Rehab x  (Coming Soon…)

(A Digital Rehab Solution for Firefighters)

Innovative Design

Like all the solutions we offer, innovative and intuitive design features are at the core of Rehab x. You’ll find the ease of use for tracking your department personnel through rehab to be amazing.

Warning Notification

When a firefighter is recorded to have any abnormal vital signs, an “alert” will be displayed in red on that responders’ profile.

Intake Records

A component for thoroughly tracking firefighter recovery, Rehab x allows you to track what and how much the firefighter has eaten and drank.

Seamless Integration with ICx

From the ICx command board, incident commanders have the ability to track the status of their personnel throughout the rehab process. They will be able to determine how long until personnel are ready for re-assignment to the incident, or those that are questionable to return to duty.

Historical Data

Rehab x records multiple sets of vitals from multiple personnel throughout the rehab period, and all data is saved in an easy to use format.  It also offers the ability to export data for reporting upon request and consent.


Utilizing historical data from multiple emergency incidents and training sessions, provides the ability for department physicians to create a complete exertion health history for each firefighter.


NFPA 1584 is the standard on the rehabilitation process for members during emergency operations and training exercises. Your department should be providing rehab services to your members to help ensure their safety.

  • The Leading cause of death to firefighters is stress and health related
  • Rehab must be part of your departments health and safety plan
  • Rehab x is the best method for maintaining vital records of rehab for integration with command.

To learn more about Rehab x, please contact us at 702-600-7034 or register for an online demo.