eFirstViewConnect® – FREE Pre-Planning Program for Public Safety

911 Mobile Solutions is excited to connect-imageoffer eFirstViewConnect®, our innovative, revolutionary solution designed to help Fire, Police, and Emergency Management Departments collect, review, store, access, and share the critical building and safety information needed in the field during emergency incidents.  Best of all, participating Departments are eligible to receive eFirstView®and eFirstViewOnline® at for FREE on all mobile and station computers.  We may also be able to extend this offer to include the use of one of our innovative digital Incident Command solutions!

eFirstViewConnect® offers tremendous benefits to not only Emergency Response personnel and your Fire Department, but also to commercial building owners, business owners, insurance companies, and simply put, your entire community! Please review the short video below to learn more about this innovative program, and please contact us to schedule a live demonstration to review all the details.

Benefits for Fire / Police / Emergency Management Departments and Personnel

  • FREE use of our innovative software and/or cloud-based solutions for helping Emergency Response agencies improve on the following areas:
    •  Pre-Incident Planning
    •  Incident Command, Control & Accountability
    •  Staffing & Schedule Management
    •  Firefighter Rehab
    •  GIS Mapping Integration & GPS Routing
  • eFirstViewConnect® helps participating departments collect, update, store, and share critical pre-incident plan information on EVERY commercial building & business occupancy in their response area(s)
    • It’s impossible to predict when or more specifically, WHERE an incident may occur, but with eFirstViewConnect® we provide the ability to:
    • Capture, update, store, access, and share pre-plan data on more than just high hazard and high occupancy facilities
    • Ensuring that your Emergency Responders have quick and easy access to the critical information they need, WHEN they need it!
  • Pre Plan data can be updated annually by commercial building/business owners as well fire department personnel (as needed)
  • Interoperable data sharing offers quick access to the critical information needed by all Fire / Police / Emergency Management / Mutual Aid personnel
  • Improved operational capabilities for your Fire, Police, and Emergency Management agencies for virtually any type of emergency incident that may occur, in ANY commercial building or occupancy in your community
  • Improved safety for Emergency Response personnel (Including your Mutual/Automatic Aid Agencies)
  • Improved Public Safety services provided to your business & residential communities
  • Improved Fire Safety Awareness within your business & residential communities
  • Potential for reduced commercial insurance premiums will help stimulate local economic growth and foster a healthier local economy

As a gesture of our commitment to those who bravely protect us every day, we are proud to pledge 5% of all eFirstViewConnect Web Portal revenues to help support the noble initiatives of the following outstanding organizations:

Benefits for Commercial Building & Business Owners

  • ALL registrants receive immediate and ongoing access to our Rewards program, offering savings on popular goods and services of up to $500, making this a tremendous cost savings program for all registrants!
  • Fire Department use of eFirstViewConnect® & eFirstView® will help reduce the potential for property damage from fire, smoke & excess water, resulting in:
    • Reduced loss of use (Allows for getting back to business quicker)
    • Reduced loss of income (Back to business quicker means less revenues lost)
  • Tier II Hazmat reporting can be submitted online (Saving valuable time and money)  
  • Reduced liability & litigation exposure from workplace or First Responder casualties from virtually any incident at their building or business
  • Reduced liability exposure offers the potential for lowering Commercial Insurance premiums
  • Improved Public Safety services is now provided to everyone in participating communities, ensuring a safer community in which to live

To learn more about eFirstViewConnect® and how easily you can take advantage of all these benefits, please contact us at 702-600-7034, via email at info@911mobilesolutions.com, or click here to register for an online demonstration.