FireRoster® – Web Based Staffing and Scheduling Solution

If your Fire Department is searching for a new scheduling solution, or perhaps paying high support fees for an existing one, we are proud to offer FireRoster, a scheduling solution that can potentially offer you an instant return on your investment, while making your life a LOT easier in the process.

FireRoster is a web-based scheduling solution designed by firefighters, for firefighters, and was developed using a common sense approach.  The end result is a very intuitive design that simplifies the scheduling process, while offering a number of powerful tools and corresponding benefits that offer unparalleled value.  Please check out the video for a quick introduction


Intuitive Design

FireRoster’s layout is very intuitive and easy to use, displaying schedules and assignments that are easy to follow, helping to eliminate cumbersome or challenging spreadsheet “rosters”.

Setup Wizard

FireRoster is a fully-functional scheduling solution capable of scheduling by shift and resource.  As with any Fire Department scheduling solution, there is some setup that will need to take place, but FireRoster works to make that setup easier.

fr-intuitiveUsing our setup wizard, your administrator will be guided through the entire setup process for getting all settings and personnel entered correctly.  Our Setup Wizard also offers a shift wizard for helping to model your shift schedules if desired.

Customize to Meet Your Scheduling Needs

FireRoster offers built-in controls that allow your administrator to set up your department’s schedule to match your existing staffing requirements. FireRoster can also import roster information from an existing scheduling solution that can export data to excel or .csv formats, drastically improving the efficiency of the setup process.

User Dashboard

Each FireRoster user has their own personal dashboard.  Once logged into FireRoster, their dashboard allows them to review and verify their upcoming shift schedule, as well as review all shift trade requests and history, and much more!



Dashboard messaging allows all members to see upcoming training schedules, task lists, and all department messages distributed through the dashboard.



FireRoster is specifically designed to work well all mobile phones, enabling users of virtually any type of phone the ability to quickly and easily access FireRoster anywhere, at any time.mobility

FireRoster allows every member the ability to access FireRoster from virtually any mobile device for viewing their upcoming shifts, current shift roster, mutual aid rosters, and for sending/receiving messages with a very easy to use mobile interface.

Members can easily initiate and approve trade shifts directly from their phones, and administrators can set/change staffing schedules, as well as send out group or individual messages as needed, without being tethered a computer. If a staffing change occurs and you happen to out of the office, you can immediately address it, greatly improving your efficiency!


Send your users unlimited dashboard, text and email messages as needed, and set up custom message groups or message by shift.

The messagingmessaging capabilities in FireRoster are perfect for today’s fire departments. Whether your creating message groups, setting up automated or scheduled messages, or if you’re simply sending dashboard, email, or text messaging on demand, all can easily be accomplished using FireRoster.

You can quickly and easily send a message to augment your staffing needs during an emergency incident from your command post as needed!





FireRoster offers the ability to share on duty schedules with mutual aid agencies, print out daily rosters, and synchronize all with the incident command program ICx, offering improved on scene accountability.

Having the ability to see who is on each resource responding to an incident, (regardless of response agency), offers tremendous value to the Incident Commander and everyone on scene!




FireRoster includes several administrative tools to augment your reporting needs. Easily view and print several types of standard reports for staffing, or create a custom report as needed.

If you’d like to see the number of shifts a certain member worked, and where, overtime shifts, or you want to compare the types of coverage, FireRoster can create a report for you!

**Coming Soon**

Payroll Integration

Designed to eliminate redundant work while offering a single entry point for roster, schedules, and payroll management.

We invite you to learn more about FireRoster® and what it can do for your department.  For more information, please call (702) 600-7034 or click here to register for an online demo.