Incident Command X (ICx)

Incident commanders need as much fine-tuned control over their scenes as possible.  ICx was developed by incident commanders specifically for incident commanders, with the sole purpose of providing a better way for managing complex incidents on scene, at an affordable price, and the ICx software solution offers just that — Unparalleled ease-of-use, flexibility, and affordability for any sized department.

ICx integrates offers three critical benefits: 1)  Customizable configuration of almost all aspects of your digital command interface including Incident Templates and custom benchmarks, checklists, etc.  2)  Fast and easy-to-use access to your customized templates ensuring you can quickly manage any type of incident with the touch of a button, with all the needed details at your fingertips.  3)  Very affordable, so much so it’s almost impossible to ignore!

ICx also includes:

  • CAD Integration (With all responding units/incident details displayed on command board)
  • Roster Integration for improved accountability of all on scene personnel
  • Transfer Command (Pass Command/Assume Command between on scene commanders)
  • Incident Timers (Master Scene Timer & Individual Unit/Assignment & On-Air Timers)
  • PAR Check (Scheduler)
  • Mayday Management / Checklists / Timers
  • Incident Log (Complete history of everything that occurs in the incident)
  • Incident Command Board Snapshots (Point-in-time visual record of the incident)
  • Scene Objectives and Locations, and much more…


You Control the Level of Complexity

ICx’s tactical command board gives you control over every aspect that affects the scene, ranging from simple default displays and features, to highly-customizable, advanced options.

Its touch screen functionality allows you to easily assign responding resources to their incident assignments, split crews, and manage mutual aid responders.

As a great advantage over outdated tactical worksheets (paper) or white boards, ICx tracks every aspect of the incident, that you can easily review after the work is done.

Streamlined After Action Reporting

ICx includes integrated timers that will greatly optimize your post-scene after action reporting requirements.  With a main scene timer, timers that track individual units placed on air, PAR timer, and timers that track individual unit assignments, you’ll be able to complete your post-scene responsibilities in a fraction of the time (and with much more information at your fingertips).

ICx allows you to export the incident log and snapshot reports for each incident, and either print it out, save as a PDF, or copy/paste the details into another program or report template of your choice.  After action reporting will be easier, and will take less time than “traditional” means, while also aiding with the process of post incident evaluation and future training initiatives.

There is so much more to ICx than we can describe here, so we invite you to join us for a brief online demonstration to see first hand how it can help your department.

To sign up for an ICx Solution Demo? (or a FREE trial of ICx)

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