Pre-Planning Software (eFirstView®)

How functional and dependable is your Fire Department’s pre-planning capabilities?  Do you still rely on paper records, such as binders full of information that likely is outdated?  Perhaps a cumbersome and time consuming Records Management System (RMS) occupancy module, where finding the information needed simply takes far too long?  Or do you simply use a PDF document stored in CAD, which most often lacks a significant amount of critical fire ground details you may need, WHEN that information is needed most?

Most Fire Departments invest in improving their pre-planning capabilities because they recognize the critical benefits of having a functional, usable pre planning program in the field.

Fire department preplanning technologyWe’re proud to introduce you to eFirstView®, a unique and innovative pre-planning solution designed from the ground up using extensive feedback from first responders, just like you!

eFirstView® complies with NFPA 1620 Standards for Pre-Incident Planning and, in a very real sense, it was created by first responders for first responders, using a combination of on-scene first responder feedback and a detailed analysis of competing software solutions — ultimately becoming the only pre-planning solution that truly meets first responder and incident commander needs.

Departments that see eFirstView® in action regularly say, “That’s the best pre-planning solution we’ve every seen!”

eFirstView® intuitively displays all of your most critical NFPA 1620 pre-plan information on a Summary Page, giving your First Responders and Incident Commanders instant, EASY access to all of the information they need, WHEN they need it!   eFirstView® also provides touch screen access to quickly view all stored floor plans, site plans, aerial imagery, MSDS sheets, and even videos that you may wish to include in your pre-plans.

eFirstView® is a solution that elevates pre-planning capabilities to a new level…To learn how you can receive eFirstView® for FREE on all mobile and station computers, click here!  


Share Your Pre-Plans with your Police Dept./Emergency Management, & Mutual Aid Agencies

eFirstView® allows you to easily share your pre-plans with your Police Department, Emergency Management personnel, and Mutual Aid agencies – What’s unique about our Mutual Aid capability, especially when sharing with other Fire Departments, is all the pre-plan data is displayed in the same format between organizations, which helps ensure fast and intuitive decision making based on the information available.

Simply put:  You can quickly and easily share and view pre-plans between Fire Departments when responding on a mutual aid run, with all pre-plan data displayed in familiar locations, in read-only mode.   This interoperable sharing of pre-plans between agencies was designed to help increase the safety and effectiveness of all emergency responders on the scene, no matter the incident type or location.

With the ongoing trend of consolidation of 911 Dispatch Centers, eFirstView®’s mutual aid capability offers a smart and simple way to share pre-plans across multiple City and County Fire/Police/Emergency Management/Mutual Aid Agencies for helping improve the performance and safety of all responding personnel.

Pre-Planning Software Architecture

An emergency is no time to be without the response data you need to manage the situation, especially considering how commonly internet connections fail, a dependable pre-planning software must be able to operate without internet access.  eFirstView is a client/server solution designed to offer unparalleled access to pre-incident plans.

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eFirstViewSketch® Drawing Program

eFirstViewSketch® offers a very user-friendly and affordable pre-plan drawing program that allows you to easily create and attach drawings site plans to eFirstView for quick access.  As with all other software solutions we offer, we focused on ease of use in the design of our drawing solution, which is FREE with the licensing of eFirstView.

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