Response Time Analysis

911 Mobile Solutions can help your department analyze and improve its response time with our full NFPA Standard 1710 response time analysis services. We offer these services upon request for clients who are interested.

Aspects of Response Time Analysis

First Due – For each station in the district, we can identify the first due within a specified response time.

Running Order – Determines complete running orders for filed addressing.

Response Concentration – Analyze how many stations can answer an emergency call within a defined location for any given response time parameter.

Call Type Analysis – Frames out and cross-references calls by call type, month of call, and the amount of time on the incident scene.

Fleet Response Time Analysis – To map the response capabilities of every vehicle in your fleet within the polygonal response zones that you indicate — vehicle coverage and drive times included.

Real/Potential Response Comparison – Estimated response times vs. actual response times in a side-by-side view.

Response Time Mapping – Generate accurate response time maps for the boundary areas that you select.

To speak with a qualified project specialist at 911 Mobile Solutions about our response time analysis services, just call us at 702-600-7034 or fill out the form on this page.