Pre-Incident Planning Solution for iPad / Android Tablets and Smartphones

911 Mobile Solutions is excited to offer eFirstViewOnline®, our cloud-based solution for accessing your pre-plans on any mobile device with internet connectivity.  A complimentary solution to eFirstView® for windows mobile and desktop computers, eFirstViewOnline® was designed to accommodate iPad and Android customers looking for a reliable and easy to use pre-planning solution, while also offering the most flexible solutions for creating, updating, accessing, and sharing pre-planning data.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily access your pre-plans from ANY device
  • Share your pre-plans with your Police Department
  • Share your pre-plans with your Mutual Aid partners
  • Access Mutual Aid pre-plans
  • Interoperability:  Establish a regional pre-planning solution, ensuring the safety of all responding personnel regardless of response area(s)
  • Standardized format ensures you can quickly and easily find the information you need, when you need it!
  • Quicker and better decision making based on available information will not only improve emergency responder safety, but also help to reduce building loss from fire, smoke, and water damage

eFirstViewOnline® empowers Fire/Police personnel with improved response capabilities, offering a true Interoperable pre planning solution, ensuring that all emergency responders have access to the critical data they need to make the most informed decisions possible, no matter where they’re responding!

We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate all the capabilities and benefits that eFirstView® and eFirstViewOnline® offers, so please contact us at 702-600-7034, or click here to register for an online demonstration.