Emergency Response Software Integration Services

Your department has invested substantially in its current software systems, and that’s why our software packages are built to compliment your existing systems. 911 Mobile Solutions provides full software integration services for all of our solution options.

With integration between new and existing software, your department will benefit from more-streamlined workflows through the entire first response process — from the call to 911 Dispatch/CAD, to when you leave the scene.

Our software packages comply with all industry standards that allow them to successfully interface with every SQL server based system in the industry, including Computer Aided Dispatches (CADs), Auto Vehicle Locators (AVLs), and Records Management Systems (RMSs).

While CAD and RMS systems are indispensable to first responder agencies, our software solutions augment them and help them realize their true potential. Mobile mapping, comprehensive pre-fire planning, and incident command protocols blend with your CAD and RMS data all on one dashboard and controlled at your fingertips. Below are some of the emergency response software integration services that we offer:

  • CAD integration: Automated incident location in both eRunBook® and eFirstView®
  • CAD integration: Automated and instant access to GPS routing
  • CAD integration: Automated resource assignment within ICx Incident Command
  • RMS Integration: Automated population of eFirstView® from RMS occupancy database
  • AVL integration: Real-time display of all responding units on response units’ mobile computers ensuring safe arrival to scene, while assisting with vehicle staging

Help with Integration Services?

For enquiries about our software integration services, please call us at 702-600-7034.